Invisalign, braces etc 🦷

Got an invisalign consultation next week. Anyone want to tell me about their experiences with it?

(No dental horror stories that aren’t invisalign-related please)

I’ve not had it done but I know a couple of people who have, with very good results. I’ve considered it a few times but I can never justify the cost to myself. The price has come down loads in recent years so I’m considering it again.

I got as far as having a consultation once and they showed me my teeth on a huge screen which I thought was a bit manipulative - everyone’s teeth will look awful blown up to giant proportions!

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I think I remember @Gnometorious having them and she has a very nice smile


That’s a point, @Gnometorious have you remembered to chase your new aligners? Maybe they’re less busy today.

I called this morning and they were as unhelpful as usual. I have no idea when they will be ready :confused:

How do you find it apart from your dentists being unhelpful?

I’ve had it done recently. Mine was not a textbook case, as due to having to reset halfway through plus the pandemic causing treatment delays, I started in December 2019 and finished in January 2021 - somewhat longer than the billed six months.

Results are good though. I have always suffered from seriously overcrowding with my teeth, which was leading to them becoming increasing crooked. The Invisalign process basically reset both my upper and lower sets in a slightly wider arch to allow more space. I did also need a few bouts of teeth filing (not gonna lie - that is not fun) but fortunately this was minimal.

I had Invisalign Pro rather than the cheaper Invisalign Go as mine was quite a complex case - the uplift is the best part of 50% in the cost, but obviously I only wanted it done once. Think the main thing to bear in mind is the amount of discipline it requires - wearing your braces for 20 to 22 hours a day and only taking them out to eat or drink (and therefore having to constantly carry a toothbrush with you) is definitely a faff. Having seen me do it, the TV has changed her mind to having clear braces via the Six Month Smiles process as she didn’t think she could deal with the Invisalign hassle.

Overall, very pleased that I had it done. Anything you want to know, hit me up :+1:

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I have certainly considered these as i really am self concious about my teeth

is it true that you have to wear something over night for the rest of your life?

I tried this teeth whitening gum shield thing over night and just found it uncomfortable and hindered my sleep a little

The advice I was given was to wear a retainer every night for the first year after treatment completes and then 3 or 4 times a night from then on. So yes, for the rest of your life.

Technically that means I can stop wearing mine every night now as it’s almost a year to the day since I finished. Gonna keep wearing it every night though as a) think the routine is good and b) I’m something of a teeth grinder so it actually helps with that. It has never bothered me overnight in fairness…


annoyingly for me this is the main thing putting me off

maybe i would get used to it but its a lot of money to commit to if i dont

I assume its a similar thing to the whitening one so i could practice…or maybe its a lot more rigid? which i might just not get on with

thanks for the advice

Even with traditional braces you’re supposed to wear your retainers overnight for a long time. I didn’t and so mine have moved quite a bit in the 20 years since I had braces. My cousin wore hers consistently and her teeth are immaculate. Would love to do Invisalign to sort mine out again! But sadly looks like eldest’s teeth are going to be an absolute nightmare so any spare pennies will probably go into sorting hers out.

It is fairly rigid. Couldn’t say how it compares to any other type of retainer as it’s the only one I’ve ever worn. What I would say is that it took me a good few weeks to get used to wearing the original retainers, including sore gums - these days it’s totally second nature.


It’s great! I would absolutely recommend it, but I wouldn’t recommend my IV dentist so my main bit of advice to you is to make sure you go with a IV dentist who is communicative and who you feel good about from the beginning. Mine very much gives me wheeler dealer vibes. At my initial consultation when I asked him how much it would cost he didn’t tell me that I would need to wear a retainer at night (possibly for the rest of my life), fortunately I had been doing my own research so I knew to ask about it – it’s an additional cost of £600 and this also includes a permanent metal bar thing across the back of my front teeth but I don’t know if you’ll need this too.

I have completed my initial treatment plan of 21 aligners and am currently waiting for my next set which I was told might be between 8-12.

I already feel so much happier about my teeth, you can see a massive difference especially with my front teeth.

That being said, I still don’t feel good about how my mouth looks as they stick little blobs on your teeth to put pressure in the right places to help them move and they look horrible. People tell me they hardly notice them but I think they are just saying it to be nice. I know it will be worth it when I’m finished, the blobs are off and I can smile confidently though :grin:

Also worth noting that it can be quite painful when you start on a new set of aligners, I sometimes had to take paracetamol for the first few days.


God, had already forgotten about these - yeah, these are shit. Getting them off was one of the absolute best feelings…

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Did you get your teeth whitened at the same appointment as removing the blobs? I’m a bit worried they will leave marks…

(I’m assuming teeth whitening at the end of the process is standard)

You can avoid this by having a fixed retainer which is a thin wire permanently glued behind your front six (or so) teeth.

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Ahhh interesting!

thank you x

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I did indeed! No marks left :+1:

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Fwiw I think you would! As I mentioned above, a new set of aligners was always tight, sometimes uncomfortable and even a bit painful for the first day or two but as your teeth move they are just holding them in place, with a retainer there shouldn’t even be that initial painful period as the retainer is molded to your teeth as they are at the end of the treatment.

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i found with the whitening shield thing i just built up saliva (gross sorry) i couldnt help keep touching it with my tongue