Invisible minds

Hive mind views on this track? Was on 6music lots over Christmas. I like it, not sure about the marketing line of “mystery” person behind the track. Particularly like the breakdown bit

I’ve heard this on 6music quite a lot too. Reminds me of The Go! Team; quite like it. I was not aware of any marketing line.

We can’t go on together


I may be being cynical. Whoever’s track it is is remaining anonymous, but seemingly getting some mileage out of doing so

Ah yeah I just looked it up online. Makes me think that it’s Albarn - seems like the kind of stunt he’d pull. Still, I like the song.

I really like the track, couldn’t give a monkeys who’s behind it

me either. I just got slightly irked when I looked it up online and there seemed to be some big deal made about it. Still love the track.

new track…

Not sure it’s a patch on Yo Mae Leh. although I’ve only listened to it a couple of times. Mystery of the artist still to be unveiled