INXS appreciation thread

Bloody hell they’ve got a lot of massive songs. This is not a new discovery but listening to them right now and thought a thread was apt

The guys who did the Amy Winehouse doc are doing an INXS one I heard

Always get them confused with XTC


Got their best of and it has a whack of stonking tunes.

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Was actually just thinking about INXS after reading through the REM thread.


Best grunting intro? Something Defleppardy about that intro. Loved that album.

Still a great tune

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Always used to make fun of my brother for liking kick and x, whilat secretly loving them.

Need you tonight for me Clive

When I used to DJ a bit at the pub I ran I used to like how Need You Tonight segues almost perfectly into She Drives Me Crazy.

Followed by cuddly toy i hope

If I remember correctly, Boys Of Summer was usually next.

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Recall borrowing Kick off a flatmate in first year uni after I finally got my first CD player and being massively underwhelmed.

Didn’t they do a video for every track on one of their albums? I seem to recall this coming up in that BBC Dancing in the Streets documentary series from the early 90s…

The singles from Kick were fabulous, particularly New Sensation. However, your new thread reminded me of something. This was Max Q, Hutchence’s post-Kick, pre the one no one liked anywhere near as much as Kick, project. I had the album on, wait for it, cassette, which was OK, but this track, Weight of the World, was brilliant.


Don’t want to show off, but I was in INXS, for one of their key live shows. Yep, that’s right, you can clearly hear me whistling at their mega-Wembley show, on the live record/DVD. Not even joking, clear as a bell.

But do I get any royalties? Do I bollocks.



Kick was MASSIVE when I was a nipper. Unfortunately, just as they cracked global mega stardom coincided with their quality control going to shit and they never released another classic album again :slightly_frowning_face:

Dogs In Space features Michael Hutchence playing a fictionalised version of himself and is highly entertaining :+1:

got a lot of time for this song


Ban request.
Shit try-hards with not a single decent song, even by the low standards of the time

Blows my mind that Don’t Change wasn’t a big hit when I was a kid, didn’t even go near the Uk Top 75 chart, barely scraped the US charts either (number 80!) and yet now it rubs shoulders on Spotify with Mystify and Never Tears Us Apart in their top 5 most played songs. I wonder if its appearance over the end credits of Adventureland had anything to do with it. What an amazing record!