IP Address Blocking

Pretty nifty feature that, makes a lot of sense. Basically I can’t log into DiS from home anymore :grinning:

I’m guessing I’ve been blacklisted for connecting to so many accounts from a single IP. Lucky I’ve got a VPN or it’d be game over.

My question (inevitably for @1101010) is whether this is an automated Discourse feature or you manually flagged my IP address as ‘trouble’? Don’t care either way, just curious.


Took me a bit of hunting. Seems like your @MyVitrilol joke account tipped it over the edge and the system automatically blocked that IP. Actually you have two different ones - a Queensland and a Sydney one (?) - so I’ve removed the block and added specific ‘allow’ on each.

(The Sydney one hadn’t been auto-blocked by the way but both are listed against this new account so presumably it’s just a question of numbers of accounts associated with an IP?)

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Sydney was VPN :grinning:

Oh right. TBH I just assumed you’d have a EUR/US VPN for Netflix access or the like.

Multi location, shortest ping times to Sydney if I’m just trying to log in here