iPhone 7

With a short hands on “go” last weekend and an upgrade due now I’m pretty much sold on this. (Currently using iPhone 5c which badly needs updating as it’s 8GB). The design alone has me…

Where do you stand on the headphones debate MidPu?

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Hi Regular User!

The no headphone jack is no issue to me as I use Bose wireless headphones anyway.

@sean, looks like we’ve got our first spam account.


Where do you stand on the monicker MidPu MidPu?

It’s fine!

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thoughts on mink?

man, I really should be going to bed


picked mine up earlier, i was using a pretty busted up 5S which had served me well but needed replaced. Considered the SE but the bigger screen was a bit of a draw to be honest, i watch quite a lot of stuff on it (not porn).

initial impressions:
yeah it’s pricey
looks nice
camera is decent
missing the headphone jack is going to be annoying, i use a macbook at home which has a jack and usb-c input, my phone now is just lightening, and i use a jack for my headphones at work, so got to work out whats going to be the best all round headphone situation.
i guess being waterproof/splashproof is handy

otherwise you know what you’re getting, a decent piece of hardware with iOS on it.

also the earbuds you get with it have a surprisingly large ‘plug’ into the phone. think that will be annoying and add stress to the cable.

iOS10 IS TERRIBLE, but then again I think apple products in general have been kind of naff for a while so feel free to ignore me. iPhone7 legitimately seems like a wet fart though, more so than the 6s

From what I’ve seen, the camera is really good. However, I’m not convinced most users would really notice. A lot of the effects with foreground/background blurring can still be achieved in Instagram. I guess it depends on stuff like ultra-low-light conditions. I mean a good camera is good to have but unless you see an iPhone 7’s snaps and massively spot the difference, it isn’t that big a deal. So I guess we wait and see what people with them start posting.

The headphone thing seems annoying but not insurmountable.

Not that I’d buy an iPhone.

mine is being ‘readied for dispatch’ as we speak. haven’t had a new phone since 2013, well excited.

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