iPhone question: How to record a phone conversation?



I know I can google it, btw, but thought I’d check if anyone’s got any actual first hand experience or recommendations.

Cheers, ta


put it on speaker, use a tape recorder


Don’t have a tape recorder mate


two iphones? you could be the modern day alvin lucier.


Write everything down then hire voice actors to recreate the conversation


I only want to record it so that I don’t have to write everything down


Ask the voice actors to improvise…?


2x video cameras, 2x actors and a couple of windows movie maker swipe effects.


Ok, I think we’ve got the whole “reenactment” method covered now. Thanks, dudes.


But… I didn’t get to mention the puppet show…


If it’s a 5 or above, you should have a Voice Memo app on there as default. Put the conversation on loud speaker, switch to phone home screen, go to voice memos, start record. The quality might not be great though.


i don’t know if it’s the same with iPhones but i downloaded an app called Call Recorder on my android when i had to record a phone interview, worked like a charm


Oh ok, will try this. I only need to be able to transcribe the conversation afterwards as it’s for an interview I’m doing, so it might be ok.


Tried this now, it tells me I have to end the phone conversation before I can start recording.


Ah well was worth a shot. try the app instead


Definitely was! Got recommended (via Facebook) an app called Tape-a-call so will try that and possibly the one @Icarus-Smicarus mentioned above^^^


Try Voice Record, I dunno if you can use it while you’re on the phone but I used it for an interview and it was great for transcribing, you can slow down playback and stuff and the quality was fine


Looks like ^this fella


Not 100% sure but everything I’ve seen suggests you need a white van parked out the front of the house.


Move to the UK and the government and/or the tabloid press will record it for you.