iPhone - Safari - reading through big threads, suddenly jumps back 50-100 posts

This has been happening a fair bit over the last few days. I initially thought it was happening when I was actively scrolling but it also seems to happen just when I’m just sitting reading a post. Noticed it several times in the space of 10 mins in the Beatles Get Back thread on the music board

It’ll be a fault with the Discourse system I expect. There’s always been a weird thing where if you scroll up or down it can suddenly jump for no apparent reason. If this is affecting iPhones you might get more traction although I have no idea how popular Safari is.

http://meta.discourse.org is where this sort of thing gets logged. I’ll try to look later if I have time.

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I’m probably using the wrong search terms but couldn’t immediately see anything on there

I have this problem on my iPad on both Firefox and Safari. It is quite an old iPad but it’s only been happening in the last week or so. It happens with any thread that I’ve read - it’ll just jump back a load of posts and then when you press Back or try and work your way back through manually, it’ll either scroll back again or it won’t load any of the replies at all. I’ve deleted my history and cookies and it keeps doing it.

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I’ve found with Safari that the reply window appears too big for the screen, so text disappears off the edges and you can’t see your spelling mistakes, and then you have to hunt for the reply button. Switched to DuckDuckGo for DiS and it doesn’t happen there.

Try it on the Discourse iphone app?

it does it on the app for me sometimes too

Is there anything in the official Discourse forums about it?