iPod RIP

I’ve got far too many albums that aren’t on streaming services, so had been considering buying a new one. Worried about the long term support now. :slightly_frowning_face:

Shame imo. Brought me genuine joy when I got my first one.


Get tae fuck, ya click-wheel bastard. Zune forever.


I adored my ipods, used several between 2005 and 2012 and they really were a huge part of my happiness at that time :face_holding_back_tears:


Don’t rip an entire iPod man.

Thought they went about 10 years ago tbh


The first time I saw an iPod was about as impressed with a piece of technology I’ve ever been. That and playing Mario 64 for the first time in Curry’s.


Probably for the best. Never really caught on

I will always remember the first time I used the click wheel. Very cool.

But the Creative Zen Vision:M and Creative Zen Touch was where I spent my money.

Infact the Zen Vision:M worked with Napster to Go, the DRM WMA service giving me unlimited downloaded for £9.99 a month in 2005. Waaaay ahead of its time.


Didn’t know they were still being made, seems weird to think of somebody buying one from any point after about 2013 tbh.

Loved the two Classics I had, but the newer one suffered terrible death last year and it didn’t seem worth it to have it fixed. We had a great run though

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Just get a Fiio X1, does the same job , looks pretty similar , even has the wheel. I bought one when my iPod kicked it. Nice replacement and relatively cheap.

I still have an MP3 player. Its weird how people just decide to use one device for everything now. A device which has very limited battery power. An MP3 player can be charged once every week or two.

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Fiio X1 gen 1 is lush. Gen 2 is rubbish though.

Yeah I have gen 1 , didn’t know there was a gen 2.

I’m in the process of switching from Spotify to Apple Music, you can upload your own collection so this is no longer a problem :tada:

Been wondering if it is worth buying one of those 1TB refurb ones off eBay for ages.

Totally agree. My IPod classic 160gb was the pinnacle for me. Scrolling through colour album covers, excellent sound quality etc. First real technology “Wow!”.




Had three iPods over the years, starting with this one back in 2004. Didn’t have a colour screen or anything like that, but fuck, it was such an incredible thing.

The wheel that was touch-based rather than being a hardware thing that moved, and which felt so amazing. The way that using it was instantaneous and had no lag at all. Even something we take for granted now - that the music was arranged like records, in albums, by artist, rather than just a hard disc of file names - was so revolutionary.

Loved it so much.


Zune drools, Pono rules.