irk respected member, Big Tone

Do you have what it takes? Think you can you irk @The_Respected_User?

Try your best (in this thread, and this thread only).

Once a reply has irked @The_Respected_User, they will like it and we will all applaud the irker.

Do you have what it takes?
  • no
  • hell yes im tuss enuss

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I don’t care much for soccer, and quality assurance is a job for boring people!

Sorry, I don’t mean this, I also work in Quality Assurance, and it’s OK for people to have hobbies.

Little Tone you are not respected no amount of name changes will change that.

@ma0sm i don’t particularly think starting a personal attack thread is a good idea by the way.

I’m not in Quality Assurance any more (and it’s Quality Assistance now, Bozo, get a “shift-left” mentality will ya!)

You may be right. @The_Respected_User said they were ok with it, but I worry it will bring the worst out of people. If even safebruv is concerned, then maybe it’s best to lock this one, and declare @The_Respected_User the winner!

I know for a FACT that this isn’t true

Woah steady on mate, lets get him

Those that can, manage
Those that can’t, manager simulation

Bradley Walsh and Stacey Solomon are fucking twats

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Only on Drowned in Sound :joy: :joy:


I respect respected DiS user @The_Respected_User too muich to irk him for kicks.

The Wrens are fucking shit.


That’s good to hear, shift left helps a lot, but requires some serious organisational changes.

Congratulations on the role change, I can only assume it reflects the great job you’re doing… NOT!!!

What about those that manage a (team working on a) manager simulation…:business_suit_levitating:

That’s beyond my pay grade

Be the change you want to see in an organisation. If the organisation needs to shift-left, be the one doing the dragging

You know I am @The_Respected_User :heart:

Dogs are shit

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God bless, you’re doing the Lord’s work

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