Irksome photos in advertising


barclays with TWO today

get off the fucking floor you’re an adult

soon you will divorce


is the big ticket item a pair of shitty vr goggles


i assume it’s rent when she leaves him


Is he supposed to be grabbing some boobs in some VR that he is watching or am I reading that wrong… I appreciate that his hand are quite far apart but it is quite difficult to be spatially aware when you can’t see.


i mean they’re really far apart. perhaps it’s a motorbike


Couple of nobs he’s wanking off?


yyyyes, that seems about right


In our recent company rebranding, a bunch of stock photos have been used. One is of a man in swimming trunks preparing to do a dive. However, one of his pockets is sticking out at such an angle that he appears to have - well, how to put this delicately - a throbbing stonk on.

Thousands of items of branded literature were reprinted at great expense. But it was too late for the enormous mural featuring said photo on the walls of the reception of company HQ.


Is that a cup of tea/coffee on the rug?!


please take a photo of this. PLEASE.


I know what the fuck has happened to her? This is the exact situ i imagine @profk is in while he chokes down raw pizza dough sobbing


Just out of shot, her cereal bowl is resting on a bed of croissants.


But much, much bigger.


the photo, or…


go on




our website was rebuilt recently and they asked for volunteers to be in the stock photos we were taking, as well as using actors or models or whatever so its quite nice going through our website and stumbling across a picture of someone you know


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok I need to go get my boat now bye


A thread asking the last time you sat on the floor and why would be good


Did you volunteer av?!