Iron constitution

Got one? I used to, but ever since I got food poisoning from some highly dubious clams on holiday ten years ago I’m much more prone to things going bad. Used to be a 1, now I’m more of a 3 on this handy poll. Still go for spicy curries, but I’m slightly more wary on the seafood these days.

  • 1 - Cast iron stomach, me
  • 2 - Reckon I can keep most things down
  • 3 - Need to keep an eye out
  • 4 - That’s really not sitting right
  • 5 - Everything turns into lava inside me

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Got food poisoning for the first time in my life 18 months ago, have had it 3 times since

Chundered once this century and that was the old noro.

This will tempt fate massively, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really had food poisoning? Nothing I can remember where I was shitting / puking as a direct result of food. I’ve had 24 hour bugs and stuff but I don’t think I can attribute them to bad seafood or anything.

Although I had a few days of awful stomach in India, which I guess counts.


Used to be a 1, now down to a 3 thanks to the ol’ coeliac. Absolute pisser, used to be able to eat anything.

Yeah, does seem to open the floodgates, as it were.

Yeah I’ve never had what I’d call food poisoning. Couple of bacterial infections (probably from food) in South East Asia that gave me the runs but I haven’t thrown up from food in my life and certainly haven’t had anything at home

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  • Trots
  • Runs
  • Shits
  • Squirts
  • Brads
  • Jonathons
  • Earthas
  • Epimers

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I thought I was a one, and then a couple of years ago I went through a phase when my little boy would spit out his dummy, so I’d stick it in my mouth to clean off the germs before putting in back in his, and I got a dodgy tummy every other week for a month or two, which was concerning enough for me to go and see the docs. The doctor wasn’t concerned in the slightest though. Anyway, at the time I needed to lose a bit of weight so actually it was all good. So, I wouldn’t rate myself as a one after all that, but I did just go to India and return unscathed, so a strong two.

Feel free to add your own gags about strong number twos here


Strong? That’s not what the thread is about. Quite the opposite in fact… :running_man: :poop:

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Despite the fact they were obviously grilled…

Famously strong constitution, me.


I have an insanely delicate eco system. I always have done. I had something wrong with me as a baby and had to have an operation when I was tiny and now I have a big scar on my stomach.

I am either constantly in a state of constipation or shitting 6 times a day.

My bf has a very strong stomach. We’ve had food posioning twice together because we share all our food. The first time, he was sick one time and I was sick constantly for about 4 days. Couldn’t keep anything down.

The second time was a few weeks ago. I was sick for about 48 hours. He just had one squitty poo. I’m still recovering from that food poisoning almost 2 weeks later.

Used to be an absolute iron gut, but nowadays i feel ill just by smelling things or straight after consuming food. There’s no way i’m not dead by fifty, my diet now consists pretty much of cereal, toast and 6% craft ale. Whenever i eat anything vaguely spicy or even just heavy i get the urge to throw up or get a bad stomach.

Had food poisoning a fucking incredible number of times,to the point of wondering if i bring the symptoms on myself. Not just talking a bit of an upset stomach, but vomitting and explosive squirts. Once a month, at least.

Don’t think i’ve ever had food poisoning that I can recall.
I always get a case of the epimers when travelling overseas though. Got a work trip coming up next week so will have plenty of immodium and dioralyte in the suitcase. If you’re confined to a hotel room it’s manageable but trying to get work done/meet people and function normally is fucking horrendous.

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I sometimes think it’s the reason I drink so badly. If my tummy told my brain “no more” perhaps I wouldn’t drink to black out quite so often (not actually that often these days - don’t worry)

Apart from the last few days I have a proper strong stomach, don’t think I’ve ever had real food poisoning (certainly never had the shits and vom simultaneously), travelled to various places where people typically get a bit of the shits but have never had any problems. When I went to the Philippines as a young’n my entire family were really ill (my sister spent some time in hospital cos she had dysentery ffs) but I was never ill once.

Went 25 years without visiting the doctor, 1977-2002.

Now that I’m in my forties it tends to be a lot more frequent…