Iron constitution

e n d t i m e s

It’s a weird one for me - with my crohn’s there are things that can just do a fucking number on me, but normally that’s not immediate and it has a cumulative effect.

Also, once you’ve gotten used to living with symptoms literally every day no matter what then it just becomes par for the course.

@mods ban this filth

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can you post the link to your food diary for old times sake

Same here :thinking: I definitely felt very unwell straight after eating some mussels once. I had to leave work early, went over to see my bf, he hugged me a bit too enthusiastically and I had to run and throw up and I was immediately fine after, but that was it. I’m not sure it was actually the mussels tbh. My friend ate them too and was fine.

i haven’t thrown up in 10 years now. including when my appendix burst, which is a weird one. maybe all my years of making myself after nights out at college have rendered me unable to throw up anymore.

more likely to get food poisoning from salad m8

melons mate. “the juicy killer”.


Can confirm that vomming and shitting at the same time IS THE WORST. Felt like I was going to die.

I got food poisoning from leaving a cheese cracker sandwich (1 cracker with butter on, wedge of cheese and then another cracker) in a hot car overnight. Ate it the next day. Was soooo sick. So so so sick.

to be fair, most people with crohn’s, IBD, IBS etc the problems are fruits and vegetables

for food poisoning the issue is salad not being kept/prepared properly/separately and the meat that was the original carrier is fine because it gets cooked (as long as it’s cooked properly, obvs)

Obviously meat is still the original culprit tbf

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oh man that sounds so so grim :smiley:

I can just look at a sweet potato and i’ll get a bit squitty.

Although I will say my IBS has improved a lot since giving up dairy. Turns out I couldn’t digest dairy at all.

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I wouldn’t advise it. I couldn’t eat for about 2 weeks afterwards. It really wollops you if you have proper food poisoning. I could barely stand up, drink water, move basically.

I’ve found that red peppers are a big IBS trigger for me. But those are the best ones :frowning_face:

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Yeah no one wants to eat a green or yellow pepper!

What about those long pointy sweet ones? Are they any different?

That’s called The ShakeDown™
I sometimes have to leave a gym class cause the shakedown has happened when running

I dunno, I’ve not tested this since figuring this out

the death farts that smelled like barely digested red peppers should PROBABLY have been a clue really

Need to watch it with onions, too. Fml.

ok with most things but too much booze makes me boke

Red Pepper > Yellow Pepper > Orange Pepper >>>>>> Green Pepper