Iron Fist



Not… very good.

What TV show are you currently watching?

Except for Colleen Wing who is quite good as a supporting actor, although still boring.


I love the comic but don’t think I’ll bother with the TV series.


moi aussi. super, super slow-paced series. Like the second half of Cage but even slower


Oh shit, really?? immediately loses interest :frowning:


even the fight scenes are really slow. it’s bonkers.


Arggh the trailer had got me fairly pumped for this even after it had taken MONTHS for me and my friends to wade through Luke Cage…


three episodes will break you fully dude. once it’s finished, it’s a mildly satisfying setup. but you know the marvel films which are literally just for the setup? It’s one of those deals. Defenders will be fine.


I was just about to type questioning about its promise of a set up for the defenders series :confused:

Hmm I’ll still watch it regardless, I guess…


Watched the first episode yesterday. Badly scripted, wooden acting, poorly paced, main guy horribly miscast…

Seems like the first real duffer from the whole Marvel/Netflix deal.


The first few episodes have absolutely no respect for the audience at all. Completely stupid. Improves marginally but it is pretty fucking shit so far (just started ep.7).

Good things:
Title music
Colleen Wing


think this has made my mind up


There’s one other character who appears towards the end who is good. But it’s litte compensation for having to get there


He’s an awful choice, especially by comparison to the solid good choices across the board in the other series


I just watched a scene in which I am almost certain Rosario Dawson was trying not to laugh at the absolute bullshit she had to say. Christ.


spoilers (it’s shit though)

there’s a moment where Danny has to partake in three challenges. despite the hand being ninjas who are all in theory serious pros, the only female aggressor among them is in a corset, and tries to kiss him before she kills him. it’s that shit.


Worst actors in the various Marvel Netflix series so far

Danny Rand


Main question: am I going to be fine to not bother with this and still be pretty much to speed with the Defenders?


yeah im prob going to watch this. i thought luke cage was great though, but a large part of that may have been coz the soundtrack banged



Reading a wiki synopsis of the plot will be more than enough (even that’s slow and overly confusing though)