Iron maiden

i really like number o’ the beast, piece of mind and powerslave

any fans of that early guff?

am i missing any other classics?

great shit band

Nothing shit about Iron Maiden at all.
Yes they’re cheesy but they are still one of the best metal bands around and the only one of their vintage putting out good music.

This is about as good as it gets.

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I wouldn’t clash myself as a “fan” but I do like them, albeit in an “annoy the missus” way. This is a legitimate BANGER!


yes. they are proper great to wind up the tv.

Just stuck this on:

Bit of cross-thread pollination with the “Best Compilations” thread

For me I think it’d be hard to argue against this being their best. Big fan of the one-two punch of Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight off Powerslave as well.

In terms of live albums, Live After Death is the classic, but Rock In Rio was my introduction to them and I think stands up well. Brilliant versions of two Blaze-era tracks as well.

Number of the Beast probably their best record but difficult to pick one. A fair few duds over the years, but everything up to Seventh Son is brilliant, and most since Brave New World have been solid. A handful of good tracks in between.


Hallowed be thy name is a fucking all-time banger


That’s the only thing of their I own, assuming I’ve still got the cassettes somewhere.

I think i used to like it as a kid. can’t really get behind much more than The Trooper now though. The Trooper is excellent, mind.

This is the one!

For nostalgic reasons their albums up to Somewhere In Time are still played now and again. I don’t think I’ve heard anything after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

I was obsessed with Number of the Beast when I was 14, played the cassette to death, so have a huge fondness for that album, The Prisoner and Hallowed Be Thy Name are total bangers. I had Live After Death on VHS which I used to have to wait until my parents were out to watch.


Did anyone catch them on the recent Book of Souls tour? Book of Souls isn’t exactly a standout album, but it was great to see Bruce back at it again after his illness. Also the staging and set design of the tour was so good

I was a big fan in my early teenage years - was my 1st gig that I went to with friends and no parents (Oxford Apollo, No Prayer for the Dying Tour, Wolfsbane were the support who I remember enjoying)

I moved away from metal when Nirvana appeared on the scene, but I will always have a soft spot for Maiden, I listened to my cassette of Live after Death loads. I watched the Number of the Beast episode of Classic Albums the other day in fact

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7th son of a 7th son all the way.




I might just be the only person that prefers their two first albums to the later stuff…really obsessed over them as a teenager, lots of Eddie posters on my bedroom wall to annoy my Mum!

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