Ironing out The Kinks

Just read a good biography about the Davies brothers, Avory, Quaife et al - didn’t realise they made more than one ‘concept album’ over and above Village Green.

Gave VG and Preservation Act One a spin today - definitely hit and miss to me but would’ve been fun to see Ray and the band performing these live at the time, with the stage shows etc. Apparently all the ‘rock opera’ albums bombed in the UK (fared marginally better in the US thanks to the vaudeville of the live shows) despite the likes of The Who and Pink Floyd doing similar things.

Any other fans? Are Preservation Act 2 and Schoolboys in Disgrace worth a listen? Just got Sleepwalker on - really, really is the sound of a band looking to crack America (which was its intention admittedly).

I think I prefer the Kinks over the likes of the Beatles, Stones etc

Pretty much everything between ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Muswell Hillbillies’ is a five-star classic. I think ‘Arthur…’ might be the best thing they’ve done - possibly better than ‘Village Green’.

I remember quite enjoying the ‘Preservation Act’ albums but there was a definite dip in quality from what had gone before.

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