Ironing Water

It’s water for ironing with. Saw it in Sainbrinhos yesterday, has anyone ever bought such a product?

why do need water to iron?

is it softened water with starch in or something? To prevent limescale in your steam iron etc?

Or is it something else?

I didn’t buy it. I think it was scented.

I think it’s distilled water, like you put in a car.

I never use it - I always iron shirts when they’re slightly damp, or use a damp tea towel.

Do you mean in general, or are you asking about this specific product?

…in general?

I guess things need to be wet cos of steam and stuff.

Yeah, I’d imagine it helps take out the creases.

I have a steam iron, but really tap water seems to work just fine (although I do have to descale)

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so glad I don’t iron anything anymore, shirts are stupid


Mum’s bought it for her iron for as long as I can remember. As @marckee googled, it’s distilled water (so minerals don’t fuck up the iron).

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Ironing wine


“Your clothes smell strongly of wine.”
“Yes, I iron with it.”

Yeah my mum uses this. It’s basically snake oil. Supposedly makes your iron last longer.

And yeah, it makes your clothes smell nice (it makes your clothes smell of ironing water).

Hoovering Earth

S’bollocks. Same as Calgon

How do you use a damp tea towel to do the ironing?

& @SenorDingDong

It actually works like this - the presence of water prevents burning thus allowing a far higher temperature on the iron without damaging the fabric, which in turn helps get rid of creases



Don’t like irons that you put water in. I like the old ‘dry’ ones that you use a spray gun thing with.

Seen nonsense on facebook recently suggesting we should be drinking distilled water as the minerals in tap and bottled water are “bad for us”

This was demonstrated by a halfwit putting an electric current through the water and making the water go funny colours - as if this was “evidence” of anything

Then on the other hand we’ve got people suggesting we should all be drinking filthy river water or something