A proper waste of a life, breaks my heart whenever I see anyone doing it


A tragedy

Find it quite relaxing. Tend to save up a batch and do it late at night after everyone else has gone to bed while watching a film :+1:


Unironed smart shirts make you look like a teenager, unfortunately.


Don’t buy clothes that need ironing, never need to iron. Tragedy averted.


Will only iron a smart shirt for a wedding/funeral. Nothing else


Don’t think I’ve ever ironed anything in my life.

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One day science will come up with an automatic ironing device

  • Never
  • One day, but in the far distant future
  • Coming soon
  • It already exists

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Same, and I’m never ever wearing that garbage for any other situation in life again. Done with it.

Truly boring and annoying, but a necessary evil if you want to wear a smart shirt (thankfully a rare occurrence these days)

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My mum still irons everything though, got to say if you think getting into clean bedsheets is nice, clean ironed bedsheets are another level.

I will never experience it in my own home though, it’s not nice enough for me to actually go myself.


One of the main reasons I could never join the military.

What a waste of time.

big brain twitter response: we need a new centrist party for people who like aggression and imperialism but not ironing shirts

Off to a funeral on Wednesday. Will still be a creased shirted mess

Ironed bedsheets are nice imo (we don’t own an iron)

I don’t mind it. I got a fancy steam generator iron a while back and it makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Can’t go round wearing creased clothes imo.

Ironing is a load of shit made up by Big Iron.

Honey, ironing ain’t for me

Alright Johnny Cash

Ironing: hate it, obviously but it is a weekly requirement. Would not send my son to school in creased shirts.

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Think you mean Marty Robbins