asked my mum to sew the belt loop back onto a pair of jeans when i was home yesterday and she insisted on ironing them as well and had a go at me for not owning an iron. it’s pointless as i insisted

admittedly i got back to my house and found one of my favourite t-shirts is currently an absolute crumpled mess

i’ll just wear it under a jumper tomorrow and it will sort itself out. nature’s iron.


Used to iron everything

then one day i just stopped

and from that day onwards I lost all sense of pride and purpose



My boyfriend loves ironing. Comes in handy.

Quite enjoy harnessing the power of the sun in lieu of ironing, or the steam from the shower. Have 2 dresses and a shirt that look shit unironed but left hanging out in the sun for an hour or in the bathroom while i wash my hair and they are wrinkle free

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Gf’s brother was ironing a tshirt…to go out on a dog walk earlier.



Same. And I wouldnt dress myself in a creased shirt either. Therefore - I am pro-ironing. Very much so.

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Always hated ironing, also don’t like the crisp look of ironed clothes. Dress shirts & slacks aside, of course.

For normal clothes a hand-held steamer is far better. That’s what they use in clothing stores, achieves a more natural look. Stopped using an iron years ago in favor of that. But I haven’t even used that in a while. For most of my shirts, if I just wear it once around the house or under a jacket after washing it looks fine to wear out without steaming.