Irrational annoyances

Probably been done before but who cares.

You know when you go to fill out your card details or whatever on a website when you’re using a phone or tablet and it brings up the normal keyboard rather than the numeric keypad? That really irrationally annoys me. Anyone else got any?


No, all of my annoyances are completely rational.


oooh, that’s just reminded me of every time I’ve had to scroll back through a drop down to add my year of birth to forms. :rage:


[Checkout > Select Country] Is it United Kingdom? Great Britain? England? OH NO THEY’VE PUT IT RIGHT AT THE TOP WITH USA ANYWAY.


I find many things annoying, but none of them are irrational.

Also, your example is perfectly rational!

I rationally find this post very annoying.


so many web form gripes

postcode / zip code type fields should default to capitals, not just capatalise the 1st character

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And postcode-lookup address autofill thingies that don’t let you AMEND IT. I know where I live, stupid webdesignercunt, it just might not be on your out of date database.


web form grip - when it doesn’t let me copy and paste my email into the confirm email field. Let me live my life the way I want

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Ok this is a proper irrational one

I get irritated by people who dress inappropriately for the weather


that thing of wearing shoes with no socks, or just little trainer socks with short trousers that leave lots of ankle exposed. Not a look I would wear personally, but I have no issue with people wearing it in the summer. But I see people doing it mid winter

See also - people who wear shorts in the midst of a full on cold snap. I feel like they are showing off or something and I just want them to get a grip and put trousers on

Rationally I shouldn’t care how other people I don;t know dress, but it winds me up for some reason


How about old people who wear thick coats when it is 28c?

The fact that self-service tills at Tesco do not contain 10p pieces so give out two of those those shitty little 5 pences instead. PUT 10 PENCES IN THE FUCKING MACHINE!

(Going for a lie down)


also irritating

I especially hate it when people wear say shorts and t-shirt - but then accessorise with a woolly hat or a scarf

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actually I just saw the “old”

I give older people a break. They can wear what they like

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I’ll egg each and every old person I see in a coat on a summer’s day.

please don’t egg anyone, I beg you

irritating noises do my head in. people tapping pens or cracking their knuckles in the office drive me nuts. Also noisey eaters. Pretty sure I suffer from this…

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I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m egging you on :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Footballers who wear gloves with short sleeves. Weird pricks.


In reality I have been egged once successfully and once unsuccessfully and have never egged anyone myself. I did squeeze a capri sun at a pedestrian from a mini bus window on a school trip once though.