Irrational annoyances

this is ok I think - some people feel the cold in their hands more but will have a warm core cos they are running around playing football

That’s why it’s irrational!

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The level of annoyance was what was irrational i think, but that was probably down to having to pay the water bill.

Yeah this really pisses me off in pubs. Like how are you so fucking important you can’t wait an extra 3 minutes for some obviously rushed-off-their-feet minimum wage earning barperson to pour your fucking Kronenbourg. You’ve got my toast burning now Kermy!


But what happens to the 10p pieces you put into the tills when you pay NoahVale?

Back at the old people and yeah this is irrational and they can go when they want but why is the supermarket rammed with olds on a fucking Saturday morning? I don’t get why they want to go when it’s full of arseholes like me.

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Old man’s not hot


My favourite Game of Thrones character


When you’re trying to find the slipstream through slow walking people and you can see someone not walking in a straight line and closing the gap and you know you’re not gonna make it though and think for some reason they should be aware that you’re pacing it up the inside and get out of your way


I asked. They are never given as change.


Now I’m wondering what evil scheme the supermarkets are hatching that requires them hoarding 10p pieces.

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Mine are people who eat shit food in restaurants but don’t realise its shit because they can’t cook. They’re usually really impressed with the portion size too, as if that’s the main arbiter of their enjoyment


Old people love this, things like 2 for 1s in places like Brewer’s Fayre. “They do a lovely Hunter’s Chicken!”.

Same - get headaches and angry from repetitive noises like throat clearing or when people say the same thing a few times, like “hello” when struggling to hear someone on a phone

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Not really annoyed, but get quite anxious when people are looking on their phones whilst going up or down escalators…what if they trip and that

drowned in hatred of sound

I just used to call them cunts tbh.

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guy who sits near me, he has a retractable pen. Just sits there clicking it. Not writing, just clicking the pen. On a number of occasions I’ve asked him to put the pen down unless he is actually going to write something.

This. So much this. It’s got so bad, I can’t stand songs that repeat the same line too much.

when the washing machine says DONE but it’s not actually done and you still have to wait 2-3 minutes for it to release the lock. That’s mildly annoying.