Is 2017 the year the guitar becomes cool again?


Looking at the BBC Sound of 2017 poll and the artists currently being hyped in the NME it looks like the guitar is coming back in style. Bands like Bad Breeding and artists like Rag 'n Bone Man are making the axe sound more relevant than ever.

And even the women are at it! Mitski, Julie Baker and Rylan Walker are showing that the guitar isn’t a man’s world anymore.

So, 2017 then. The year of the guitar?!




Mark my words, I’m going to make the ukulele cool for the first time




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I’d like to hear the opinion of @sean adams, editor and CEO of


I’ll take the photos in here as a resounding ‘yes’.


The people have spoken


Still waiting…


The guitar music scene is going to need a good kick up the arse for that to happen


For so long…