Is anyone else a bit tempted to vote Liberal?


I don’t particularly want to but these are exceptional times. My heart says no, but I actually agree with all of this and will seriously consider if it if Owen Smith doesn’t win the leadership contest.

Or is the idea that Corbyn would likely form a coalition with the Lib-Dems/SNP, who would force Labour into holding a second referendum or dismissing the result if elected anyway?

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can’t say I am




I can never tell if you’re being genuine or are a bad troll pretending to be a stereotypical awful student.



This is the perfect thread for a poll.

Where is the poll, man?


No. Faron can keep saying he’s brought the party back to the centre-left until he’s blue in the face, but it doesn’t make it true.


Apparently they’ve had a membership spike of 29,000 since the referendum. That’s not Corbyn numbers but it’s not bad.


The idea of a snap general election makes me feel pretty bleak, tbh. I’d choose Labour over the others but… :worried:


I vote Liberal in my local elections. Mainly as I live in a Tory area in Surrey and Labour barely register in the results and I can’t vote Tory.

It’s always very tight between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives in my ward, but the Liberal Democrats normally win. So purely tactical, plus they Liberal lady seems to do a good job.

I vote Labour in the general elections, even though they have no chance around here.


bit harsh

  • Are you tempted to vote Liberal?
  • Were you not born yesterday?

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What happens in the Labour leadership election will determine who active I remain the my constituency Labour party (which will change a lot once the boundary review is complete).

Would not consider voting Lib Dem though


Probably depends on what happens with Labour.


Also been noticing a fair bit of significant swingage from Labour to Lib Dem in a few recent Council by-elections.


It’s almost as if a certain section of the labour party belongs with the lib dems


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I’m just a shit poster, pal


If you voted Liberal in the General election would they have a chance?