Is anyone else watching The Crown?

that new Netflix thing. it’s pretty good.

lavish, tremendous costume design, lots of interesting historical shenanigans, some stuff I wasn’t aware of POSS SPOILER: the deadly London smog of 1952the incredible John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, Prince Phillip being not so much of a dufus as he’s often made out to be (quite progressive and forward thinking, would you believe) and other stuff that I can’t be bothered to type out

six episodes in and I’d give it a solid 7.8/10.

let me know about it

If it doesn’t end with the dissolution of the monarchy I’m out.

one of those, eh

Very much so.

I saw a Class War sticker on a lamp post that really tickled me once. It said “The Great Royal Debate - Do we hang them or shoot them?”

I don’t think you’ll find a ton of monarchists on here.

We rounded most of them up in a previous witch hunt.

This is not for me.

On the plus side I have just scored six months free Netflix

how come, man? are you a staunch republican? I thought you had german blood in ya? no further questions

Yeah I am and in particular I really, really hate the queen.

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I don’t think you’ll find a ton of zombies on here, but The Walking Dead seems to be pretty popular

your point sucks, man


wow. just wow

not into the royals either; this is definitely not for me.

I’ve also not really liked the last few netflix shows I’ve started to watch at all. I guess I used to hope that they’d only commission programmes of high quality (i.e. things I like).

Just adding my name to the “not for me” list.


Your point is unfathomable.


Is this one of those things where we pretend the royals are real human beings with feelings that we should give a shit about?

Please tell me how.

I’ll try and make it clearer. I don’t believe you have to be a supporter of the monarchy to enjoy this show. I ain’t much of a fan and yet I enjoy it.

this is all I have for you bud. I hope it’s sufficient

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POTY :male_couple_with_heart:

I ain’t gonna watch it cos:

not interested in the Queen or them Royal fucks

fucking hate anything that even remotely looks like a period drama

I said to Virgin that I was going to leave them so they knocked £15 off my bill and bunged me six months netters.

Oh ok. That makes more sense.

That said, I actually hate the fact that we still have a monarchy so I’ll be avoiding it. It will just make me angry.


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