Is anyone else watching The Crown?



kin hell!


also - as with that thing with Clara Tardis in as Queen Vic - the royals are always about 1000X more attractive that they really were/are.


I wish I’d done that instead of just leaving.

Mind you I got £140 from Quidco for moving to BT but it would have been less hassle just to make the call.


Look, not all of us are into jizzing off to fake royalty.


We’ll need to re-assess our internet / etc when we move and we’ve been with Virgin for fucking years so good to know they might offer us something if we threaten to jump.


Just start banging on about SkyQ to them.


Yeah I was paying £30 they said they’d up it to £33. I jumped ship and when I told them I was off they offered it to me for £22.

I’ve actually got an ok deal with BT but probably not as good as just staying put with the reduction.


I’ll probably watch it in six months out of sheer boredom. Talk to one soon.


so, wtched the last couple episodes of this over the weekend. nice show. good character development, John Lithgow absolutely killing it as Churchill.

slow burner, so a couple episodes at a time is sufficient

nice show. 7.25/10


Lets chat about season 2…

  1. Phillip sending Charles to Gordonstoun. Thought this really captured the inevitable way parents make decisions for their children based on what did or didn’t work for them rather than looking at their child’s individual needs. I did get emotional when Philip was building the wall and also when Charles walked in to the hall after the orienteering challenge but at moments did think that it’s not really TERRIBLE hardship is it, but I suppose in context…

Also, when the queen said bullied children turn into damaged adults :frowning:

  1. That Armstrong-Jones is such a c u next Tuesday


Also, I’m really interest in this end of deference idea, like when did that happen and what caused it,was it WW2?


They recently announced the cast for series three.

The article goes wild for HBC as Princess Margaret. I’m … not so sure. Although PM wasn’t as square as other royal family members, she is hardly the kook that HBC frequently plays.

The picture of Coleman as HM is great. And the point about Wilson being the antagonist is pretty exciting.


I fucking hate the monarchy AND period dramas, yet I very much enjoyed both seasons of the Crown, and look forward to the third.


Princess margaret was wild.


Yes. but not looking in the ‘middle distance with cobwebs in her hair’ wild. It’s a different wild – rebellion. The Guardian wet themselves but I’m not so sure.

Vanessa Kirby was great, like really great