Is anyone gonna start a new thread this afternoon?

just wondering

you can brainstorm ideas here too if you like

Not sure really, don’t have much to say if I’m honest

Most famous person you’ve met who is now dead?

Not got anything good lined up at the minute. Was thinking about something to do with modifying existing animals to improve them somehow but I can’t really be arsed.

We could talk about doorbells again maybe?

Nothing from me guys. I was thinking of being snarky in the cycling thread though? If that helps?

Elephants with lasers, to shoot poachers with.

No you can only modify them with things that already exist in nature on other animals.

I think you should start that thread, my friend.

Ok! Thanks for your feedback!

Fattest Kevin you know

Dead people you have met who are now famous?

People you have met who are dead famous?

Are we 100% that no animals have lasers, I’m pretty sure I saw a youtube video somewhere that had an animal with laser, looked a bit like a souped-up donkey.

ooh what about “have you ever seen a ghost? or do you think you have ever had a paranormal experience”

Someone do that.


that’s got casooooooolaire written over it

i was going to start one but might just post it here

what’s this mark on my hand? thought i’d just put my hand in some shit but it won’t wash off. it’s not sore and slightly indented. any guesses?


I’ll take it

hate to break it to you but that is a sure fire sign you’ve been masturbating too much


but why has it only appeared this afternoon?