Is anyone looking forward to Gangs of London (Series 2)?

i’m sort of enjoying it still now that i’ve settled into it being a bit shit but reasonably fun

we have also been referring to him as tommy shelby light.

So that’s S2 over with.

I thought it was decent overall, really silly but with just enough substance to keep me entertained. I thought the finale was a bit of a letdown. I’m guessing they thought killing off Koba was going to be a real fist in the air moment for the audience, but I found him to be one of the only interesting characters in the show, so it’s a bit of a shame he’s gone. Honestly starting to find Sean and his bro such a drag now. Series 3 seems to be set up for more of the same, the wee lad trying to gain back power again, only this time by forming the world’s most awkward and implausible trio with the Finance guy and the Kurdish woman who, despite Sean’s best efforts, surprise surprise isn’t dead.