Is anyone (still) watching taboo?



i quite like it although johnathan pryce hasn’t dropped an f bomb for a couple of weeks

also I don’t really actually know or care what’s going on


This for sure. Quite like Tom Hollander just being a big mardy shit.






Nah its shit


not seen it


It’s the one thing I’ve watched properly on TV this year.

No idea what’s happening sometimes though.


It’s basically just his audition for Bond isn’t it?

Man has mission. English luvvie baddie wants to stop his mission. Puts on hat/tuxedo. Doesn’t say much. Gets into scrapes but is always one step ahead. Has ambivalent relationship with woman. [SPOLIER ALERT]. Wins.


He’s so, so bad in this as well. He gets acted off the screen whenever Stephen Graham turns up.


I like how loud they have the mud squelching underfoot everywhere


I’m still watching it but more due to the fact that I’ve invested enough time in the earlier episodes to see it through. Not enjoying it though but keep hoping it clicks at some point as the rest of my family keep raving about how good they think it is.

I just find Mr Taboo’s* character so ridiculouly one dimensional that he bores me

*(I can’t remember actual characters names).


Is Stephen Graham the bald guy with the tattoos on his face? He’s dead good, as are Hollander and Pryce.


Shot of Tom walking with his arms out wide in a muddy street.
Some poshos getting angry.
Tom telling that woman he wants his dad’s trunk.
Tom nearly getting killed and then killing the person who tried to kill him.
Some voodoo shit.
American person for the Americans watching.
Some grunting.
Shot of Tom walking with his arms out wide in a muddy street.

I don’t see how it can ever end as this is all that happens.


I like how I recognised the American guy, looked him up on IMDb, discovered he’d been in loads of episodes of the Sopranos as “Agent something or other”, who I didn’t remember at all, and then after a bit more digging discovering that “Agent something or other” was always just the other agent standing next to the one who got to talk.