Is Betteridge's law true?

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Ohhhh you’re clever Tuna. This is a tricky quandry to get out of.


(is this the joke we are looking for)

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I think Yes is probably the joke we are looking for.

Shall we settle on maybe?

Bloody love a paradox

I both love and hate them.


half your age plus seven?

Love how John Rentoul nabbed this for his QTWTAIN nonsense, passed off as his own seering political insight.

I don’t know what it is so I’m going to say I don’t know what it is.

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I found this whole exchange very amusing and did not need to look up what it was on the internet

You bet it is!

(sounds a bit like Betteridge)


Is this a headline?

If the topic is a headline then I’ve just created a paradox by answering ‘no’ and we shall be stuck in this horrendous day for the rest of our lives

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FFS Duck. Couldn’t just leave it alone could you.

Now I’m never going to get through SMB3 :frowning:

The paradox arises from saying Yes, not No, surely (if the thread title is a headline)?

But if you Say no you’re claiming that Betteridge’s law is true which means the answer must be yes

But if you say Yes you’re claiming that the law isn’t true of which case the answer must be no. They both cause a paradox

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wtf are you all talking about


If you say No you’re saying that Betteridge’s law isn’t true, which means that it is possible (but not necessary) for the answer to be Yes.

If you say Yes you’re saying that Betteridge’s law is true, which means that the answer can only be No.

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