Is [BLANK] Good or not? (rolling?)



Kfc’s chicken tastes better than nando’s chicken


is cycling good or not

  • yes
  • yes it is

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Basically spot on. I could forgive a five, but I certainly wouldn’t say it was ‘bad’ - the chicken is pretty average and can be dry, and the wraps and stuff I always find a bit disappointing.

Massively agree that KFC tastes better though too (yet still wouldn’t rate KFC as ‘good’ either).


^this to all the above. KFC is dirty joy innit. But it’s nt hard to make food tasty when it’s that unhealthy


Can’t believe a mod of all people is being so disrespectful. Have you even got the community guidelines badge?

It’s GOOD for the environment. I’ll take that at most.


good for mental health
good for physical health



Also winds up tories, which is the greatest good of all


bad because it makes people become wankers
bad because it’s not fun
bad because it’s expensive
bad because it’s ableist


it’s fine.

Really handy if you have to go for dinner with adult babies who can’t handle splitting a bill. Basically it’s main redeeming feature.


if you were a wanker after you started cycling then you were also a wanker before

it’s a lot of fun

doesn’t have to be

Wheels for Wellbeing!


Worth a go then. Just beware as the chicken can be a bit dry and while some of the sauces are nice, and they do have spicy ones, I also don’t think they’re particularly tasty, and you need a lot to counteract the dry chicken.

:heart: you


This 6lb burrito: reckon it’s good, or not?

  • YES
  • NO

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Get the thighs to avoid the dry issue


it’s so banal and uninteresting as to be neither good nor bad


You think all those people in their £100+ shirts and clobber on super expensive bikes aren’t tories?


Is running good?

  • Yes
  • No

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Why don’t you use free range chicken?’t-you-use-free-range-chicken


They sell huge bottles of the sauces now in the supermarket for a couple of pounds, so you can put them on your own dry chicken.


I’m surprised more people don’t know about this, especially on here. Everyone loves a boycott on DiS.