Is blocking withheld numbers a thing?

Keep missing calls lately, people saying my phone was turned off. Someone pointed out that I might have it set to ignore withheld numbers but I don’t remember doing that :thinking: is that a thing?

Basically what’s wrong with me (leave it) and/or my phone.


only reason you would withhold a number is because if i knew who you were i wouldn’t answer it, right?
so why would i answer a withheld number

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i think because a lot of people are WFH right now, they’re withholding their home/personal mobile numbers so it seems like i can’t get calls from them

or something


oh right, so if i call you with a withheld number then you can’t call me back?

landlord got a repair company to contact me recently and for some reason they just called me once and with a withheld number, I missed it and obv couldn’t call them back so then had to email the landlord to ask them to call again

what’s the deal with that?

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it just doesn’t come through at all, quite vexing


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So they can not do the work and say it’s your fault


People were telling me for ages that my phone was going straight to answer phone but I was just :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:.

Then I managed to change my WiFi settings by sitting on my phone, and whilst I was going through all the settings I noticed that my phone was set to only receive calls from ‘favourites’. So god knows how many calls I’ve missed over the last months or so probably 2, from my mum

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do give her my regards

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Are you with EE? My boss said he rang me this morning but no missed calls or any sign of it. Pretty odd but assumed a one off.

nah, thr33

maybe it’s covid-5G at it again

Imagine getting phone calls :sob::sob::sob:

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Wish Android had that.

… or does it ?

yeah i’m on android, galaxy s-whatever. under call settings