Is Blur Nostaglia?

When I was in my teens, in the 80’s, the 60’s were a thousand years in the past. (Yeah, okay, except for maybe Iggy, VU, the Stones, MC-5, er, wait I’m losing my focus…) We didn’t listen to old music at all. But now there’s a whole rock 'n roll library of stuff.

So I’m listening to Blur s/t. Doesn’t feel like nostalgia. Feels like part of the whole big package.

The history of rock 'n roll. DiScuss.

When I was in my teens in the 90’s Blur were at their best

I now feel like I’m quickly approaching middle age (already reached it???)

Blur are nostalgia, nostalgia’s good though, don’t knock it.

The whole popular music cannon is basically nostalgia/borrowed nostalgia.

No, Blur is Blur, not a made up Italian surname