Is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee any good?

Let me rephrase that…

Actually I’ll just repeat the question: is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee any good?

Thanks in advance. Thadvance.

It def can be but dont expect too much, just funny people* having a bit of a natter for 15 minutes.

*most of the time


Cheers. I just watched the first one and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. A light-hearted diversion while I ate.

I guess a lot depends on the guest.

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Yep definitely, the best ones are people he’s clearly old friends with. Only a few guests who dont really get it or are just awkward.

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I like the Alec Baldwin one.

As @mistersteve says, it’s a nice way to pass a bit of time.

I didn’t realise how funny he is just chatting. such a good teller of anecdotes

I like CICGC just a good chilled show

Jesus, it’s on season 9! Reckon i’ve got three or four to catch up on.


Yes it’s very easy

expect 50% stock “making coffee” footage

Really makes you want a decent coffee though doesn’t it? Must be raking it in from the Campaign For People Drinking Coffee board.

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Definitely and meet an old friend and make some wry observations about life. The cars bit I’m not too fussed about it.

I enjoy watching it.

Miranda Sings!

The one with Michael Richards was quite affecting

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Which Miranda?

from memory, the chris rock and sarah silverman ones were really good. the todd barry one is excrutiatingly awkward

Miranda Harr, in between her dropping her bloomers

I can’t stand her, I’ll probably avoid that one like the plague anyway.

Its not really Miranda Hart haba Miranda Sings is a character