Is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee any good?


Let me rephrase that…

Actually I’ll just repeat the question: is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee any good?

Thanks in advance. Thadvance.


It def can be but dont expect too much, just funny people* having a bit of a natter for 15 minutes.

*most of the time


Cheers. I just watched the first one and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. A light-hearted diversion while I ate.

I guess a lot depends on the guest.


Yep definitely, the best ones are people he’s clearly old friends with. Only a few guests who dont really get it or are just awkward.


I like the Alec Baldwin one.

As @mistersteve says, it’s a nice way to pass a bit of time.


I didn’t realise how funny he is just chatting. such a good teller of anecdotes

I like CICGC just a good chilled show


Jesus, it’s on season 9! Reckon i’ve got three or four to catch up on.


has he had a woman on yet?




Yes it’s very easy


expect 50% stock “making coffee” footage


Really makes you want a decent coffee though doesn’t it? Must be raking it in from the Campaign For People Drinking Coffee board.


Definitely and meet an old friend and make some wry observations about life. The cars bit I’m not too fussed about it.


I enjoy watching it.


Miranda Sings!


The one with Michael Richards was quite affecting


Which Miranda?


from memory, the chris rock and sarah silverman ones were really good. the todd barry one is excrutiatingly awkward


Miranda Harr, in between her dropping her bloomers


I can’t stand her, I’ll probably avoid that one like the plague anyway.