Is COVID a part of your dreams now?

Remember a part of a dream last night. I was in Montreal and went to a record store and a gig and in both people were wearing masks and at the gig I made a comment about people not distancing. In your dreams have people been wearing masks and distancing?

Like… a spike protein up the bum kind of thing?

Why not!

Yep. I don’t think there’s been a night since the pandemic started where I haven’t had a nightmare where I’ve inexplicably left my apartment and no one is wearing a mask, including me. I hate it.

Don’t think so, thankfully. Usually have quite nice dreams apart from the ones where I’m half awake and all of a sudden a million spiders are in my face. Not even scared of spiders ffs

Yep, had a dream I was at a gig at the Roundhouse and ran out screaming because no one was social distancing.

Yes, I dreamt my wife got it and died.

Oh Funky that’s horrible :pensive: hope you didn’t feel awful for too long after and your wife gave you a nice cuddle. Some dreams like that really linger.


Did the spiders have masks on?


Yeah it wasn’t pleasant. Can confirm that she is very much alive irl.


Ziggy stardust and the spiders in masks



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Unfortunately not, would be quite good if my sleep paralysis demon had a mask on and didn’t get within 2 meters of me.

:smiley: genuinely had to fold him away and put him in the cupboard because it was making it so much worse, waking up in the dead of night and seeing a 5”8 Gregg in the corner of my room. Fell out of bed a few times.


last night i dreamt my nana came back to life and was living with davina mccall for some reason

Too busy saving sloths in my dreams mate

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