Is customer visibly over the age of 25?


You being ID’d lately bbz?

I haven’ been carded in over a decade :frowning:

No but my pal got carded for Lucozade Sport twice in two days and I’ve never seen her look so pleased with herself


how old do you have to be to buy lucozade sport??

Apparently 35 is old enough

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just checked it and it’s 16.

how…how old are the people you hang out with?

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Get ID’d about half the time I buy alcohol in supermarkets, but I think it’s less how old I look and more that I have a wide eyed look of horror and fear whenever I have to be amongst the general public that probably makes me look guilty


Older than 16, apparently.

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April 2022.

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Yes. Buying some rice wine vinegar!


that’s absolutely great :smiley: cannot think of a worse way to get drunk


I have been ID’d once in my life, on my 22nd birthday, so 21/9/2006.

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I always seem to get ID’d for little stuff like that only.

3 bottles of Prosecco? No problem, you look old enough for that ma’am.

One mini bottle of white wine for cooking? Ohh no you must be abusing the system young lady!!!


Oh it was in the Chelsea Road Nisa in Bath and I was buying some cider.

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now i just need your mother’s maiden name and i’ll be setting up a fake ID as you in no time

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I wouldn’t, there are some bad dudes who’d love that.

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Got Id’d 2 weeks ago in a Sainsbo’a

Sometimes I get asked for ID, but I do not carry it on me, so I have to go without drink. But I do have the feeling of youth which money can’t buy

In the pub with (insert Tory MP) hahaha #satire

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Never anymore.
Tescos do it remotely with me, many many metres away from the self service checkout point.

Think I got ID’d most recently about 5 years ago.

I got sold a children’s bus ticket when I was about 25 though

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