Is customer visibly over the age of 25?

Was ID’d buying beer in little tesco about a month ago :baby:

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Baby On The Beers.

Borderline I think, boyish/no facial hair, minimal stress lines but going grey quickly.

doing a line of farley’s rusks and trashing the nursery

got id’d when masks were still compulsory, was wearing that and sunglasses. as soon as i pulled my mask down and before i got my driving licence out they were just like oh nah fair enough mate :upside_down_face:


Haven’t been ID’d in about 5 years I think. When I was 20 I got ID’d and the guy behind the bar still refused to serve me because he genuinely didn’t believe I was over 18. Looking back I should have felt more insulted that he thought I was the kind of person that would have faked an actual passport in order to get a drink in the World’s End in Camden.


Also got ID’d a lot when the masks were in, must have youthful eyes in comparison to the rest of my withered face.

Got my wallet nicked at Primavera which basically had nothing in it other than my provisional driving license, but it’s annoying cos I still get ID’d slightly often enough that I could do with a new one, but not often enough that I can really be bothered to by a new provisional when I’ve got no intention of learning to drive.

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Got ID’d regularly until I was about 29.

Which is in two year’s time.


Last time was around a year ago. Am 38 and have three kids.


I always look pissed off when buying things in actual shops or at a bar though

At least a couple of years ago now.

Yep, serves me right for shaving my beard off.

Enough for me to start going to asda instead of Morrisons.

Morrisons ID me all the time. asda never have


dunno how the bald head no hairline made them think youthful, but the beard certainly convinced them in the other direction anyway

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what a perfect low level irritation

also not sure i remember hearing that about the wallet, sucks man. Though Barca during Prima must be like world-leading in terms of pick pocket numbers

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Used to enjoy the sweetspot of being 17 and getting a child (under 16) bus ticket to travel to a party with a bag full of (over 18) alcohol. Playing the system in both directions!

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It was during Tyler I think, there was one of those guys selling beers on the move and someone must have seen me get my wallet out and grabbed it then.

Annoyance of it being nicked massively offset by knowing I had literally no money cos I had to get my mate to buy the beers, and my card was back at the hotel. Could have been worse, borderline feel bad for the pickpocket who only got my expired provisional and a nectar card!

:smiley: tough luck mate, better luck next time

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I’ve been IDed within the last few months, at Lidl. I think it was the 3rd time since turning 39 that I’d been IDed.

I don’t get IDed but since I started taking my skincare more seriously over lockdown a lot of people seem to thonk I’m in my twenties. I’m 32.