Is Die Hard really a Christmas film? #FilmTalk #FilmChat


Sure, it’s set at Christmas, but is that really the only pre-requisite for a Christmas film?

  • Yes (no)
  • No (yes)

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people watch it a lot at Christmas, therefore yeah, kind of.


Shit I’ve not even thought of the process of consuming Die Hard, I was considering whether a policeman shooting some stylish, witty immigrants to protect a bank/large corporation is really the plucky underdog story we all need at this time of year.


Of course it isnt, nor is it much good


Like the sound of music innit


My favourite Christmas film has to be Mamma Mia


yippee yay to you too


the great escape is a christmas film


Say hello to my little friend!!


I think it qualifies, which is why people saying it is their favourite Christmas film has never been funny


Dinner first.


What about Trading Places?

  • Looking good, Randall (yes)
  • Feeling good, Mortimer (no)

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Do people say it as a joke?!


I think so, or at least they deliver it like it’s a quirky thing they’ve thought up


Die hard one and two for sure. I think two is more so, Xmas jumper and snow innit…
Are jn my favourite top ten all time films though, not just for Christmas are they?


^ knows


they’re protecting Christmas!


Things a Christmas film needs most:

  • Set at Christmas
  • Mention or sight of Father Christmas
  • Some sort of magic
  • Underdog main character
  • Strong charitable/anti-capitalist undertones
  • Children of some sort
  • Music featuring sleigh bells
  • Appearance of snow
  • Evil men converted to goodness rather than shot in the head
  • Other (please specify)

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it’s a christmas film for people who are too macho to say they like any actual christmas films


27th November. Sad!