Is DiS closing down? No, but

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Just thought I’d highlight this sleep-deprived post about the future of the site to clarify a few of my flippant comments of late.


I was pretty ignorant towards the effect keeping this forum AND the old site going was having on you. The technical stuff in that other thread goes over my head a bit…but I hope you find a solution that works for you. If that means another platform for everyone here then so be it…your mental health should take priority.


Sean, the boards are the thing that is not just causing headaches on here for you, but elsewhere on the internet. Just look at the disaster that is Twitter, locked into a moment of total indecision and inability to move due to two pulling factors; the base users who use it and the people who want money from it, and in the middle are the horrible places online that now use it for communication. If you’re worried about ISIS using it, or a paedo ring, Twitter has the same issues. It’s a new problem that we’ve not figured out.

But here’s the things that makes this place different; you can delete the old place. I was of the opinion that it deserved to stay, but I really really doesn’t. Not any more. Unless you feel like it has to, as I remember you saying that it made money, if it’s causing you heartache then kill it.

As for the community here, I echo the comments made - this place is a real community now, more so than it has been in the entire nine years since I started posting. Just look at the concern for Bamnan, the outpouring of support for people pulling up abusers in the old threads, and people like me, finally accepting the shit we used to say was totally unaccatpable and copping to that fact. I’ve made some really wonderful mates here and even founded my own podcast 'cause of this place, but I’d be the first to pull the delete cord if I knew it was causing you serious mental health issues. The community could survive elsewhere, I think.

DiS is so odd - how many other sites have survived intact for seventeen years? Seriously, I don’t know. Back in 2008 I couldn’t even tell you a site I’d been visiting intact for three years consistently.


You have to differentiate between the editorial content and user content. Keep the former, delete the latter. There’s absolutely no way i’d be legally responsible for or have my professional name dragged throuh the mud by years of comments from hundreds of idiots. You’ve got to bite the bullet and delete the old forums. There’s a clear break between the old and the new. Even the new forums shouldn’t be an ongoing mountain of pointless shite, just cache, say, a months content and let everything else expire. Appoint a few more moderators and make sure the forums self-police themselves a bit better.


Sean, you just need a no nonsense, dedicated, playsbyhisownrules mod to drain the swamp around here. We will lose a LOT of users (a hell of a lot) but we will keep our integrity and build a brand new future our children can be proud of. And that’s why I’m voting for @Im_On_Safari 2017 King of the Mods

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Just chiming in with an offer to help if needed, I’ve been posting on here for years and have had some great interactions on here.

I do understand that the site has been going on for awhile and has probably accumulated baggage over the years so I can understand this causing a fair amount of grief. So I’d understand if you felt like you needed to distance yourself from the name in some capacity.