Is earthquakes weather?

Or is it something else?

I think anything that happens that isn’t a car is basically weather, yeah


Something else.

Storm cannot cause earthquakes and she has all the weather powers.

Rictor can cause earthquakes, separate powerset entirely.

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Always thought it’d be quite funny if Professor X is really the only mutant and he’s just convinced all the other mutants they’re doing things when he’s doing it for them.


Think they’re… a feeling, rather than weather

They’re all one of those threads


Underground thunder innit.

Every time he’s off-screen he’s just sitting there thinking “pyooo pyooo laser eyeeeeees”, shit like that?

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Earthquake’s a pretty good move against ghost types, though.

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Earthquaky out there today, best wear a lot of padding

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I know both weather and earthquakes are considered ‘acts of God’ which is a weird hobby for him to have imho but I guess he doesnt have yu gi oh where he is

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I mean that would be extremely in-character for him tbftbhtbqh

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You’re no help

Earthquakes kind of the result of weather

Is this Geology Week?

“Is this Geology Weak?”

  • An earthquake

Just remembered I was in a proper earthquake in the two weeks I went to Japan, and me and my partner were fully shitting it. Went downstairs in a panic, before realising that all the buildings are basically designed to withstand earthquakes far better than would be the case in the UK. Went from being terrified to awkwardly embarrassed…

I can’t fault that


No, earthquakes isn’t weather.

Good to see you stepping up to the plate.

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