Is everyone looking forward to the new film 'The Great Wall'?


I know I am, not sure why, but it looks really good :slight_smile:
should we all meet up and go to it? :slight_smile:


I love films where a western man goes to another part of the world and saves it.

They’re good for my delicate self esteem and fill the yearning longing to be a colonial overlord.


It does look quite good though


I personally am not


I haven’t heard of it.


No, but I do fancy a trip to Barcelona or Florence for some reason… Probably not from Luton though


From the trailer it looks like someone loved the shit out of Helm’s Deep and decided to just make a movie of that.


Chinese folk legends owe everything to tolkien tbh


Well why else is there a white guy there?



yeah, I’m quite looking forward to it- it looks like the stupidest thing ever and I’ve enjoyed the Zhang Yimou films I’ve seen


Fuck white ppl


I saw the film a couple of weeks ago and this is almost exactly what I thought. Replace elves with hot Chinese spear ladies and dwarves with gruff Chinese sword men, put Matt Damon as a big hobbit and sprinkle with the colour co-ordinated military displays of Hero or whatever.

It would be reasonably entertaining if it had a decent villain, but it doesn’t so it’s not even especially bad, just nothing.


Dont think a wall can ever be great really


It’s obviously completely shit


One ping pong legend begs to differ.


The Shit Wall.


maybe this as well