Is everything either wet or dry

or isn’t it?

When something’s a bit damp it’s not really wet or dry, so I’m going to go with ‘isn’t it’

Thanks for asking.

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You could then argue that it is both.

Thanks for answering.

By god I think yor right

How would u describe a person as they can be dry on the outside but wet on the inside?

Yeah a colleague has a request and it says something like ‘wet and dry goods’ on it . Pretty sure that is everything apart from, I dunno, maybe God?

Both wet and dry.

he’s not preparing for brexit is he?


Aren’t we all, Ronald?


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Yeah because wet and dry define the ends of a spectrum, so everything exists in between them. I don’t know about things in a plasma state, actually, or whether you could adequately define vapours as wet or dry - I suppose they’re wet because they’re suspensions of fluid in a gas. Gases also exist outside of this classification, so perhaps only solids and liquids can be wet or dry. But then a solid is by definition dry, because it is presence of liquid that produces wetness. So, the distinction really is, what state is your chemical in? Is everything solid, liquid, gaseous, or plasma?

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Dry cleaning uses a non-aqueous solvent to wash things. When it’s dripping with that stuff, would you consider it to be wet or dry?

Preferred my answer



But it’s being dry cleaned. Clue’s in the name m8.

Look, I wasn’t the ignorant dickhead who named it.

It is only dry in comparison to traditional laundry. It is a perceptual dryness.

What do you do for a job Shigz?

If you distil a water-miscible solvent then store it over a drying agent, you’d call that a dry solvent, even though it’s a liquid you can soak things with.