Is everything either wet or dry

I’m a transcription typist

ur a perceptual dryness

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Don’t get upset that Shiggles outscienced you


Well I’m impressed that you are so much better at science than epimer.


I would defer to the good doctor, I’m bad at science but this is almost more of a philosophical distinction based on rudimentary physics principles.

I think we need to be clear if wet means “water wet” or “liquid wet” or even “fluid wet”. We can’t reach a consensus without defining our terms.

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I would like a second opinion, Shiggles?

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I think we can rule out only “water wet”. It’s got to be wider than that.

This is my point, and in my showing of my workings I think I went around it - water wet is the common mode of wetness as experienced, so I posited the spectrum of dry/wet, but in examining it from a physical states perspective it is clear that wetness is a property of fluids (though fine granulations like graphite can also be liquid-like). So, wetness is hard to define as a baseline.(I mean, it’s not scientifically, it’s actually quite straightforward as you showed, but from an everyday perception basis it’s more tricky)

I not sure I cant take the anticipation waiting for the markee take

On old DiS, someone would surely have cracked out a your mum joke by now.

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moist cake

I thought we agreed you would only call me that in private.


can something that’s either also be both?

Like doesn’t either preclude both?

I don’t know which is why I’m asking!

I’m not sure either. Can something be both or neither? At what point would a wet pair of pants become dry or is there a third state that humanity is unaware of?

I feel as though we are doing important work in here.

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I feel moist/damp implies wetness.

It depends on whether you believe in degrees of wetness. Like, I could get caught in a bit of drizzle and I wouldn’t exactly say my hair was wet (and I wouldn’t need a drier or a towel), but nor could I say it was quite dry either.

My sofa upholstery is 8/10 sodden right now. Think I may have been overzealous with the water trigger on the vax.

if it’s too anything it’s a waste of time imo

Glass is a fluid, so is that wet?

What about when it’s in a greenhouse in the summer when it’s dry on the outside from the sun and damp on the inside from condensation?

So… like… water’s shit?