Is having an eye test scary/complicated?

I’ve been experiencing eye pain for a couple of months now, went to my GP but they weren’t very helpful.

I don’t think I’ve had an eye test since I was about 7 years old.

How does this work? I’m scared of looking like an idiot and also of having to spend lots of money :frowning:

The optician gets really close to your face, which may cause a problem if you start giggling like I do in that scenario.


No it’s fine


ah I’ll be fine with that, I’m a very serious person!

mainly I just want to find out why I’m in pain but I kind of feel like an idiot going to the GP (always do tbf) if I’m supposed to go to an optician instead.



do you think they will laugh at me?



it’s very stressful. I don’t understand why it wasn’t made clear to me that this was a normal thing you should do from childhood

Just go Bam

also how much am I looking to have to spend on glasses?

If you’ve never had eye issues or related issues then it’s normal not to have been to the opticians and normal to be a bit anxious. It’s no sweat. I quite enjoy it tbh because it’s quite chilled


thanks mate :slight_smile:

You can some from like £20 I think. Genuinely think the cheaper ones look better.

This is from specsavers like.

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are there trained people at specsavers or is it a load of buisness charlatans there to sell me stuff?

Seems weird to get a medical thing done inside a business

The people who do the eye tests will be trained optometrists.

Once you go back to choose frames etc. Theyll just be normal sales people trying to sell you stuff so just get a cheap pair you like and get out of there.

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thanks mate

is it better to see an optometrist than a GP about eye pain then?

Definitely go and get them tested. I always find opticians really nice and chill. At the end of the day there’s literally nowt you can do about yr eyes is there. It’s not like teeth where you can brush and floss, or yr general health. Go!


When they look in your eyes they can check things that a GP wouldn’t see, so it is probably a good idea Bam.