Is ikea restaurant any good

Like, compared to your M&S cafe or whatever.

Have to go later might have tea there.

Also I dunno discuss good and bad things about IKEA itt.

I hate lack tables so so much

Meatballs = good
Strawberry tarts = great


Depends. Do you like cheap, high quality meatballs? How do you feel about lingonberries?

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obviously it’s not, but yes it is


better off just hanging around by the exit eating ice cream

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And can you pick me up a couple of big bags of Polly while you’re there please? Ta.

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Calm down Maradona


The Hemnes menu is ok, but the rest are pretty grim

Nah (never been)

Can you please try and find the most amusingly named item? Like a lampshade called Tümisqueekã.

It’s cheap. The breakfast is good value actually.

I’ve only ever had the 50p hotdogs, reckon I could eat a dozen of them

:arrow_up: :frog:


No. But yet I always find myself queuing up for 20 minutes to destroy some meatballs and diam cake :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

(+couple of hot dogs on the way out)


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Hotdog with all the trimmings, chips and a drink is like 2 sniffs or something. Legit the only incentive to ever set foot in that place.

Ah let’s not get all snobby about ikea folks, you all know it’s great.



the costco cafe down the road from the (wembley) IKEA has turned my head in recent visits

the massive hotdog, the chicken bake and PIZZ are much better

(Costco member dickhead here)