Is ikea restaurant any good

I’m fiercely pro Bicester Village actually. Thumbs up from me.

Fuck D chocolate

Wife wanted to go there to visit a few shops, at which I could buy her presents for her upcoming birthday. And I wanted to pop in as well so why not. Always a good place to stock up on Levis (2 pairs for £99 remains excellent value).

You make a good case but I think I’d prefer Ikea over Bicester. Do they have all sizes at Bicester or is it a bit like TK Maxx after a sale?


ikea was a big novelty back then

@laelfy i remember the indoor rollercoaster and nothing else

MUCH better than TK Maxx but sizes are obviously not as abundantly stocked as your main retailers. Can be a long way to go to be disappointed in that regard but because I’m a bit odd sized (owing to being a shortarse) I tend to get lucky.

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think edmonton is the only one I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting

Tottenham & Thurrock for me

  • Croydon
  • Wembley
  • Edmonton
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Slacks Creek
  • Pigeons

Everybody talk about, pop music

I got a pair of Levi jeans in an outlet in the US for £28. £28!!!

Is that good?

I think so??
This particular pair of jeans are online at £85.

Well that is very good

Pretty much always eat there when I go because it is a schlep to get there by public transport, going over lunchtime on a weekday is reliably quiet and I don’t like messing with my meal times. It’s cheap but mostly in the good way (other than the coffee, which is very not good).

We used to go to the carpet shop so I could play in the ball pit.

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Oh yeah US Outlet Malls are off the chain!

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I also got a long floaty kaftan thing in another shop (american eagle outfitters? Never heard of it tbh) that upon wearing turns me into a lady called Candice who is a fun loving gal who giggles a lot and lets the kaftan float in the wind whilst having candid pictures taken of her

£18! Well worth it.

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Last time I went to IKEA I bought a load of flatpack stuff that I insisted would fit in the car boot but when I went to load the car (on my own as doubts were creeping in) it did not. spent a good while breaking down boxes and emptying everything out to get it to fit (very risky!). Then went back to the store to get the wife and kids and my wife had changed the baby just while sat on one of the sofas near the exit (on a changing mat, not a total monster). Wtf!? My point is, IKEA can affect even the most reasonable and normal people and affect their infallible sense of measurement and social decorum

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