Is ikea restaurant any good

Traumatic memories of walking three miles each way to get to the Bristol Ikea with my half Swedish ex, just so she could stock up on that disgusting liquorice.

Which she then ate half of in one sitting and ended up in the foetal position for the next few hours.

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Had a Swedish colleague who poisoned me by bringing back those sweets from holiday but not warning us what they were. Never trusted her again.

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Their non-liquorice sweets (and cakes) are generally good. I don’t know wtf they’re thinking with that one.

Ikea products and buying stuff at Ikea are fine.

It’s never even occurred to me to eat in the cafe though, and I’m always slightly baffled that it’s become as much a part of the experience as it has.

How many Ikeas you done?

Me? 3, thanks for asking.

  • Wembley

  • Croydon

  • Southampton


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You’re baffled about something you’ve never even tried? That might be why… :roll_eyes:

Milton Keynes

  • Edmonton :face_vomiting:

  • Croydon

  • Nottingham

Eating in shops on retail parks in general, really. Like, if you’re out for the whole day in the city centre, or in a shopping mall, I can see why you’d want to eat somewhere, and I guess a department store cafe is as good a place as any, but a trip to Ikea isn’t something I’d build my day around.

It’s probably because I never spend more than an hour in there at a time. This is probably also why I never get frustrated at Ikea shops in the same way that everyone else seems to do.

I don’t get frustrated by ikea, I go at sensible times that aren’t busy :woman_shrugging:

get some daim cake, stuff is amazing


was going to post this verbatim


Went on Monday. Had a veggie sausage sandwich as we arrived before the furniture self service bit was open. It was fine, and very cheap

At the Edmonton one on a Sunday the cafe opens half an hour before the shop does. Easy way of killing 2 birds with one stone. But yes the reverence it seems to attract is confusing. It’s just a cheap canteen.


I’ve only been to Ikea once (Southampton) not long after it opened and had a wander round the entire place as it was between train station and where I was going. It’s a shop that sells stuff I rarely need. Baffled by family and friends who treat it like a day out, mind.

Ooh good one


when i was little we used to go on family road trips to the newcastle ikea.

fucking 3 hour trip each way. MADNESS.

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4, I think.


Worth it for (y)Our House, though.

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