Is ironing going out of fashion?

I just don’t hear about millennials doing ironing any more. I’ve never owned an iron and refuse to. I’ve genuinely never ironed a thing in my life (I have run hair straighteners over skirts for job interviews and stuff though so maybe that counts). My best mate never irons anything. I don’t think any of my friends do. But my Nanna was always ironing.
Basically it just seems like a thing that people don’t do any more, and rightly so. Maybe fabrics have changed.

Thoughts? Any other housework that’s gone out of fashion?

I also don’t iron. Life’s too short.


A pressing issue. Could see this thread getting pretty steamy


Don’t iron. Won’t iron.

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  • I never iron
  • I iron everything
  • I iron regularly
  • I iron occasionally
  • I never iron but benefit from the services of an ironer in the household

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Nah, not worth it. You do need to hang stuff up properly though or you look a bit of a mess.

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Only iron for sewing stuff, or very very occasionally if I’ve got something important and the tumble dryer hasn’t done a sufficient job (as in a couple of times a year tops)

Last 5 ironing circumstances:


One of the bonuses of wfh now is not having to iron work shirts every week, tbh. Used to hate it, a really tedious chore.


is ironing of fashion going out?

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Ironing memes



Some things just won’t look good without being ironed no matter how you hang them. I iron those things when I want to wear them, but more usually, I don’t want to wear them because I’ll have to iron them.

I think it’s this tbh. A lot of clothes are made of polyester which is less likely to need ironing. On ASOS etc when they describe something as being “made from an easy care fabric” that’s what they seem to mean. Polyester by the way is plastic and every time you wash it it releases fibres that make up most of the micro plastic pollution in the sea.


Think I last got my iron out with the intention of flattening some clothes, before a wedding in about 2014. I did get that same iron out, back in July of this very year, as upon trying on my cricket whites for the first time in nigh on a decade, I remembered I’d never shortened them. Pleased with my immediate urge to act on this discovery, I got my iron out and found some of that tape that you iron into seams. I measured up my legs, laid out the trousers and applied the iron, only for it to melt straight through the trousers. That very iron was, but an hour ago, taken out to the car, ready to go to the tip later. RIP that iron, you never stood a chance. #TipChat


Will have to iron a work shirt occasionally. And a shirt for an occasion.

Haven’t even had an occasion in about 3 years let alone one I wouldn’t just be wearing a suit jacket 90% of the time.

I don’t even do that. Just shove stuff into drawers.

Maybe I just look an absolute state at all times and no one’s had the heart to tell me

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:joy: so true so true

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I hate ironing and it takes me 5eva, but then again I do feel nice when I look nice.

Solution? Wear a jumper over that crinkled shirt.

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I thought of you earlier, cause I’m gonna send a pic to be in the new ICP music video. If I had an iron I would iron my outfit for that. But alas.