Is is the second of March

Morning all. It is cold and bleak here, forgot about this. Wuu2 honies.

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I’m very tired Tuna. Very tired indeed

Morning @Tuna @rich-t and subsequent posters.

I am spending the morning in hospital. This afternoon I’m taking my mum to the cinema to see Military fucking Wives.

What a Monday.


Is is my Thursday so that’s not too bad, got a boring but ultimately very easy day of counting stuff ahead.


Got to bed nice and early last night but obviously woke up at quarter to five with everything I’ve been anxious about deciding to hold a town meeting in my noggin

C to the b to the a

Saw loads of them get kicked out of an Argyle game they were singing at once for sneaking bottles of Heineken into the ground.


(In perfect pitch) HEINEKEN? FUCK THAT SHIT
(key change) PABST BLUE RIBBON


I can’t get the social board home page to load, it just does the spinny circle thing forever. Music board works fine, I can get into threads if they’re in the top 5 on the board index page, and the sub forums (eg Film & TV) also work fine. So weird?!?


Ended up going to Big Thief last night despite that absolute creep being at the back of my flat again looking in windows. Police told me when we see him ring 999as it’s a priority to catch him. They never even showed up and he hid for at least 40 minutes after I rang. Nice one guys. Anyway, big thief were great and I want to marry them all.


Morning all.

Wearing new shoes today. Always feels weird having battered the previous pair to the point they feel like socks.

Nice for it not to be raining, and actually a nice crisp winter / early spring morning.

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Off work today. I’ve yoga and the gym planned along with catching up on all the music I haven’t gotten round to listen to over the last 2 weeks.

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Wtf where was he hiding? In a bush? Fucking creep.

Also sorry you have to go through this ordeal with lack of professional support x

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One of the worst night’s sleep of all time there. Went into work early and the sunshine brightened my mood at least. Sat at my desk listening to Albert Ayler and caning Mini Eggs.

CW: Serious illness.

Looks like we’re getting a prognosis today for my GF’s grandfather. Turns out he has cancer in multiple organs so it is really, really not looking good. Absolutely shitting it here for her and her family.

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Yeah, our gardens are shared so they wrap around the block in a sort of u shape so he just walks around to another spot if he gets spotted. My neighbours went out and he said his name was andrew and he was collecting mail because he used to live here. Yeah, collecting mail from the back of the flats for the last three years in the dark (he’s started telling people he lives in my flat too).

Fucking Hell Scout, that’s awful! I hope the police get a bit more serious about coming round and catching him.


starting the week off with a nice healthy balanced breakfast of several brownies

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fuck sake. have you got any pals nearby you can call to come batter fuck out of him with a golf club?

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Oh hi m8s, on my way in to work and am going to desperately beg to start the annual leave I booked for next week early because talking about Coronavirus every day is having a bit of an impact on the old health anxiety. Don’t fancy my chances much because we’re stupidly busy on account of Coronavirus :tired_face:

I’ve got a big stick in my bedroom. The police have even said how he’s showing worrying behaviour (in that he’s trying to lure me and the other single women out of our flats by ringing our doorbells at night), and they obviously havent said as much but I’ve read plenty of stories of rapists and killers who start out as peeping Toms so its pretty hard to be like, oh well, it’ll be alright, nevermind, he’ll get bored. It’s been at least 3 years now and I spotted him when I was walking home from work a few weeks ago and I wasnt sure if it was him or not but I stopped and stared as he left the gardens then he stopped on the road and just stood still and stared back at me sort of aggressively until I got scared and left.

Properly losing the plot now. Not even opened my flat windows for the last year.