Is is the second of March

Katie Melua’s next project.


You counted 1255 packets of screws and then you counted another one.

I would happily help you count if I could, I think I would enjoy the almost mindless repetition rn.


New front door being installed, which also includes the door frame being replaced.

It is loud and the house is shaking.

I do not like this.

Yeah tbh it’s not a bad job to be doing, just a bit boring. Could always use an assistant!

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Off to see the large thieves tonight, along with most of the central belt it seems

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Should I bother listening to them before I go tonight? Or just be pleasantly surprised?

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Freecycle em, maaaan

Pronounced like “icicle”

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Or gumtree, whatev. Give em away is what i’m saying, someone’s always moving house.

didn’t ask

did you know that if you put your finger on a sea otter there would be more hairs under your finger than there would be on a human head that’s how hairy otters are

i learned this fact at an aquarium in vancouver and it has stayed with me


Amateurs. On both counts.


I’m sorry, is this now the otter chat thread? You’re worse than the football cunts.

  • Otter chat
  • Football chat

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leafy I just bought my (former) company car

That is highly exciting news

I know!

Ricky Otter.

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  • Bit peckish
  • Hungry
  • So hungry
  • Stuffed

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  • Bored
  • Very bored

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Why not both?
[there’s meant to be a picture of an otter with a football here but it didn’t want to embed]

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