Is is the second of March

what about contacting a newspaper? tell them about what’s happening and how the police refuse to even come out? might spur them into action.

idk is that stupid?

Forgot my headphones, this is a disaster of massive proportions.


No, the local newspaper did contact me actually but I wasnt sure if it would be wise or effect the police stuff. I mean, police come out when I call 101 but long after he’s gone, just dont respond to 999 even though I’ve been told by police officers that’s who to call :heart_eyes::woman_shrugging:

Need to just watch out for him and tr to film him through my window as we dont have any photos of him, which will be massively helpful, but I’m freaked out at the idea of seeing him as I’ve actually not spotted him myself except that day on my way home, it’s my neighbours who see him when he’s behind my flat and I’m not sure I can handle seeing him actually in stalker mode.

Next dis meat…Sit in my room in the dark on a stake out.


Set my alarm for 6:45, got up at 8:45. :man_facepalming: I’ll definitely go to the gym tomorrow though, definitely. Today’s another day of not really knowing what I’m doing but getting paid so wgaf.

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Alright m9s.

Still having an absolute breakdown. Hope someone replies soon to messages I left at the weekend because I really fucking need help.

Don’t know if I should go home or just disappear out for the day and deal with the consequences of being selfish later.

Sorry scout, that is awful. Hope they sort it out soon. x


Full of dread

Not helped by late bus, gonna get to work at about half past

It sounds like you have a community group already in place - and I’m assuming this involves some men - when someone spots him could you not all organise to go out together in numbers to confront him? A big group of people might scare him off?

I’ve got emails going back to 2017 but no images to show it was him there so yeah, I’ll try to coordinate it. I have asked neigh ours to take photos or film him but none have even when they’ve been outside to confront him and I’m getting really annoyed at all the missed opportunities to formally identify him (though appreciate it’s not something they might feel comfortable doing).

did a spot of daytime drinking yesterday so obviously i now feel horrific


We have done that, he goes, then returns. He’s not giving up. He’s invested years into researching all the women here, it’s easy for him to access and hide here. Just hoping he falls down a sinkhole or something

If by ‘down a sinkhole’ you mean ‘repeatedly into a cricket bat’ then it can be arranged.

Sounds really shitty, look after yourself Scout x


Wish I could be anywhere else rn.

Yeah I’m sure this is something the hardship fund could pay for?


i was just about to ask the same thing

Don’t know if it’s at least some reassurance that he’s been here long but not tried to do anything? Although I appreciate it will still be a huge burden mentally having him hang around.

Or CCTV. Would happily chip in some money if it helped you buy something like this.


Police said CCTV is infringing on human rights because it would also film the guests of my neighbours in the same block. Plus I don’t have £150 for one.

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Hello everyone!

Back in Oslo, which is nice, but the ground is full of watery snow sludge which is not so nice.

I’m in bed and will stay here for a while probably — working a late shift tonight. Might go see The Invisible Man before that but not decided quite yet.

Hope everyone has a lovely day :star:

This is the most bonkers statement ever. We get captured on CCTV constantly. Can’t believe that gets prioritised over your safety.