Is it a coincidence that we've got really good at sport since Brexit?

We being England.

And by sports meaning the most major sports like football and cricket. Obviously we were already decent at minor sports, like cycling, and ones that are essentially pub games, like snooker.

Something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Are we really good at sport now?

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Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 11-36-43 FIFA World Cup - Wikipedia

Chinny reckon.

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We’ve won the women’s Euros, will win the women’s World Cup this weekend, won the men’s Euros in a moral sense, and won the men’s cricket World Cup. I’d say yeah.

By bringing in coaches from overseas it seems.

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Won and come second in the Women’s cricket World Cup, come second in the women’s T20 world cup and morally regained the Ashes too.

Brexit and it’s loosening of some peoples morals definitely effected the aftermath. Just ask Rashford, Saka and Sancho.

probably got a bit worse on balance, no? bit better in the football, but we’re not counting things like darts, cricket and formula 1 are we?

I don’t think it’s this. In the case of Weigman, it definitely is, but Southgate is homegrown, and I think we’d have won the cricket World Cup without Bayliss (but arguably not without Morgan).

It could just be that all these players who are now in their prime came up through youth coaching 10-15 years ago.

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stick THAT on the side of a Bus imo

I guess there’s an argument that the EPPP in football might have helped, at the cost to lots of smaller clubs, but the reason I don’t think this explanation is particularly it is similar or better players failed consistently for years.

Maybe the answer is just generational individuals, in terms of leadership - Morgan, Weigman, Southgate.

shrewbie is replying…

We’re shit at tennis now.

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Dunno about cricket but the amount of money in the premier league was always gonna lead to a production line of top young players eventually wasn’t it? Kind of surprised it didn’t happen sooner

Not a coincidence, the UK puts a LOT of public money into developing grassroots sports as an arm of generating consent and empty displays of patriotism (compared to other countries) because our society lacks genuine ANYTHING substantial to truly link us anymore.
One of the only things the Tories aren’t happy to see decay, probably helped by our appetite for football in particular generates genuine revenue and attracts foreign investment despite being nothing but filth to it’s core. It’s why it’s always good when England lose.


Supporting England is Tory.


It’s worse than that even

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I know it’s going a bit off topic but I am rather enjoying all the people going on about how much nicer and friendlier the women’s world cup is than the men’s and then they interview one of the actual women players and they’re without exception hard-nosed gym bunnies who spout stuff like “going out to do it for the gaffer” even more than the men do.

Scotland’s good at men’s football now too, but that’s down to losing the 2014 indepdencece referendum so we’d beat youse in euro 2021, and we did (you not beating us is the same as us winning)